Orlando Donations


We need your help to make it to Orlando!

We have estimated that the cost per member will be close to $1500 which some members cannot afford. We want as many members on stage as possible to have the best showing not only for the Land O' Lakes District but for Fargo Moorhead.

Below are some suggested donation amounts and associated costs though any amount is appreciated.

$5.00 - A few bottles of water to drink before going on stage!

$10.00 - A pair of black socks for five chorus members!

$20.00 - Dry cleaning a chorus uniform!

$50.00 - Riser rental costs!

$75.00 - A night of contest coaching for the chorus!

$100.00 - One night of a stay in a hotel for our chorus director!

$250.00 - Full contest registration for one chorus member!

$300.00 - A round trip flight from Fargo to Orlando!

Please fill out the below information to make a tax deductible donation today.

No spaces, hyphens, or brackets please.